Anne-Marie Chagnon, A woman inspired

Anne-Marie Chagnon, A woman inspired - Mary Walter

    For Anne-Marie Chagnon, inventing and creating jewelry is as essential as the air she breathes. Taking in all that surrounds her, she rejoices in the ebb and flow of all that contributes to enrich her vivid imagination. Soaking in everything from nature to architecture to a simple lock of hair as inspiration. Steered by her heart and mind, with pencil in hand, Anne-Marie sketches with veracity as seemingly endless ideas explode off the page. Even at this stage, she has an idea of the materials she will use to create her final pieces.

    From pencil sketch to wax and on to the finished piece of jewelry, all of her handmade pieces are created in her studio and workshops in Montreal with the support of her creative team. Anne-Marie revels in the choice of premium-quality materials that she has at hand. Everything from the traditional use of gold, silver, and pewter to the unconventional use of PVC, resin, iridescent glass and even her own sketches can make up a piece. She’s always thinking forward. Wondering what new materials can be explored, maneuvered, elevated, and made timeless. 

    It’s amazing how one piece of jewelry can make a world of difference when it comes to the look of an outfit. Put on any of Anne-Marie’s pieces and you will see this for yourself. Whether it’s a chunky bracelet, collar necklace, or long pendant, whatever you choose, you will make a bold statement. She also creates very unique earrings and rings.


    Anne-Marie’s chunky bracelets are showstoppers. Often, they’re made in bright colors which are outstanding. Try wearing this bracelet with a gorgeous pair of Sarah Pacini pants and one of her unique sweaters. No need to wait for a dressy occasion, wear this piece with Elliott Lauren slim pants and a sweater from Planet.


    We love to pair one of Anne-Marie’s long necklaces with an open YaccoMaricard jacket or a knit vest from J’envie. This necklace will give you a more elongated look.


    We often hear our ladies say that they would like something to fill in their neckline. The short collar necklace is the perfect answer. Her pieces are fantastic for that V-neck sweater or low-cut top or blouse. This necklace will finish off the look of your Poles sweater or Crea outfit.

    Looking for that perfect pop of color? Look no further than a pair of Anne-Marie earrings. These little standouts make a big statement. Our ladies can’t get enough! They also love to give them out as gifts to their friends.







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