To know her is to love her. We are always super excited to see the Suzi’s as they arrive. So many of our ladies collect them and quite frankly, so do we. It seems, like potato chips, one is never enough.

Suzi Roher started over four decades ago designing and crafting handmade belts in the European atelier tradition. Creating unique belts with superior craftsmanship was of utmost importance to her. Every piece, always innovative and elegant. This attention to detail and quality has garnered her a following. Our ladies immediately are drawn to and recognize a Suzi belt. These belts take every outfit to a higher level.

Inspired by art, culture and travel, Suzi went on to create magnificent scarves. These scarves are like nothing else you have ever worn before. They are of the utmost quality, with beautiful designs and amazingly lush. They are irresistible.

 The Feel

There is an amazing feel to a Suzi scarf. It’s almost weightless. Try one on and you will be hooked. In fact, you won’t want to take it off. We see this every time. Suzi scarves seem to float with airy appeal. It’s easy to see why they are a must have. The feel is so lightweight, soft and luxurious that you really don’t even know you are wearing it. They drape beautifully, are very comfortable, and look striking. 

The Fabric

The high-quality woven fabric of silk and modal feels light and luxurious. The hand dyeing process produces a unique product with gorgeous colors. The slightly fringed edges are signature.

 The Look

Suzi scarves are quite stunning. Suzi’s original art and photography is digitally printed in Italy. The layered images are intriguing and very rich in color. All of her scarves are limited edition pieces of art. Every scarf is named, as all works of art are named, and have their own story. Stories that are always interesting, intriguing, and ever evolving. Each season brings us new Suzi’s that are so impressive that we can’t resist their lure.  

The Versatility

The uses for her scarves are virtually limitless. There are so many ways to wear them. Whether you want to dress up an outfit or if you are down for something more casual, a Suzi does the trick. For a great casual look wear one with a simple Crea tee, Cambio jeans, and Bernie Mev flats. Toss one over a Marc Cain dress. These scarves always add extra pizzazz to whatever you are wearing. You can wear them as a traditional neck scarf, around your hips as a bathing suit cover up, fling over your shoulders as a shawl, or as a head covering. There is also an easy way to wear one as a stylish mask.

Mary never travels anywhere without taking a Suzi scarf on her journey. They fold up so small and are easily tossed into her bag. She loves to curl up in one on her flights to keep her cozy and warm. Once at her favorite beach destination, this lightweight fabric becomes a breezy beach cover up. The silk modal blend allows you to be warm when you want to be or cool when the situation calls for it. On the town, Mary has her Suzi on hand. As night approaches, she has the perfect piece to keep away the chill.

The Care

It’s so easy to keep your Suzi looking fresh and beautiful. Just handwash in our delicate Euclan wash and air dry. 


The Craftsmanship

With over four decades under her belt, no pun intended, Suzi’s handmade belts are created with superior craftsmanship in the tradition of the European atelier. Using the highest quality components and paying attention to the smallest details creates a superior product. Suzi oversees the manufacturing herself in her Toronto factory.

 The Materials

Always using the best of the best such as fine leather, handmade resin and high-quality metals is a trademark of Suzi Roher. Quality is of the utmost importance. Suzi likes to be on the cutting edge of innovation and loves using new materials. We often see the use of mixed metals in her belts and unique elements such as watches used in a chain belt. 

The Design

Whether the design is classic or cutting edge, the look is always unique. A Suzi belt stands out. It can take a great look and elevate it into an outstanding look. Try it for yourself. Transform a simple tee or dress by adding one of her distinctive belts. You’re sure to love the look.

The Fit

Suzi’s belts are always comfortable. They adjust for a most personal and perfect fit. The waist belts have adjustable elastic backs. The link belts may be worn at the waist to properly define or let them drape over your hips for an elongating effect.


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