Katharina Hovman- Not Just Your Average Shirt

Katharina Hovman- Not Just Your Average Shirt

    With the look of chic occasion wear but with the intention of everyday wearability, Katharina Hovman designs garments to stand the test of time. Even though looks are important to Katharina, durability is essential. Her pieces are not only beautiful, but they last an eternity. She designs for the modern woman. Her beautifully crafted line is extravagant but understated, all the while remaining simple and feminine.



    Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany her family ventured out in the 1970’s, spending two years in Brazil. This adventure left a lasting impression on Katharina and she attributes the colors of Brazil as a major influence on her creations to this day. Her color palette is always rich, and we love to bring in a mix of tones to complement the season- whether it’s bright blues for fall, soft sages for spring, or classic white year-round.

    At the core of her brand are the spectacular micro-fiber taffeta blouses that she creates. Luxurious enough to wear to any black-tie event but durable enough to wear all the time, even with your most casual pant. In fact, Katharina prefers it that way. According to her, “You’ve got to wear my blouses day in, day out.” 

    Her designs are always creative and fashion forward with unique variations given to the collar and cuffs. Katharina leaves enough room for your imagination to flip or fold these details for utmost versatility. Her blouses are strong enough to be the focal point of any outfit, or they can take a backseat when worn with bright and stunning accessories.



    Katharina designs are inclusive, with pieces that work for every silhouette no matter what stature. With this line, there is something for everyone. It is important to the designer that the wearer not only looks good, but feels good, too- choose between trim styles and relaxed cuts, and find just what works for you and your style. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you make the tough decisions!)


    We immediately reach for these shirts for clients who want a perfect blouse for work. When you want to feel polished, yet feminine, how could you choose anything else? We love the look of an easy Hovman shirt over a pair of printed Elliott Lauren pants for a fun and easy work look. Add a gorgeous Suzi Roher scarf to really up the color and charm. If you are need a more subdued, elegant option, wear it with Marc Cain’s Boot Leg Essential Pant, add a sterling Simon Sebbag earring and pendant, cuff the sleeve, pop the collar… and have fun making it yours.

    Now that we get to travel again, we’re all wearing Katharina’s blouses anywhere and everywhere. Why? It’s that incredible signature micro-fiber taffeta that they craft each piece out of. It’s light as a feather, and breathable like silk. It folds down to the smallest of sizes, and it never requires ironing (it’s true!). Great for packing! As if you need another reason to love it, the pieces wash easily and dry quickly.  Don’t be afraid to give it a wash in the sink of your hotel if you find yourself needing to wear it just one more time during your trip. Wring it out, shake it off, and hang it up. It will be fresh, clean, and dry within a half hour.

    Every season brings us new colors, new silhouettes, and new ways to wear our beloved Katharina Hovman shirts… we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!


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