Mieko Mintz one-of-a-kind gems

With each Mieko Mintz garment there comes a wish for you the wearer, from Mieko, that you are kept safe from harm and obtain happiness and prosperity. Such beautiful thoughts accompany garments of equal beauty. Lovingly created from start to finish with the melding of age-old traditions.

Mieko, born in the South of Japan, was first influenced by a treasured vintage Kimono that once belonged to her grandmother who was a Geisha. Feeling strong inspiration from her culture and Japanese designers, along with a feeling of being connected to Bengal and South Asian influences, it seems destiny took over. From this background her one of a kind pieces took flight. After moving to New York City to study English, with a background in Couture, a fabulous eye for color and creativity combined with a beautiful soul, Mieko launched her business at age 40.

With her passion for saris and kimonos Mieko’s vision soared. She starts with vintage saris, looking through approximately 7,000 a year to choose 1,200 for each season’s collection. Her artistry continues as she collages these handpicked saris and fashions them into quilts of stunning patterns and colors. These quilts next become a Kantha Cloth textile. Kantha is the practice of making small hand done stitching on fabric. This practice seems spiritual in its own right.


Mieko uses complementary and contrasting stitching which differs from traditional Kantha which uses only white stitching. Her stitching is done in West Bengal by approximately 300 artisans. According to “Quilts of India: Timeless Textiles” by Patrick J. Finn, they are “a work of art that gives wholeness to things that were of no use anymore, to fragments of no significance.” There is something romantic in this notion that speaks to Mieko. She herself feels that by using vintage saris, she is bringing them back to life in a different time and place to be treasured anew.

We love Mieko’s jackets. They stand out like jewels. Knowing what goes into these pieces makes them even more precious. Imagine one side all silk and the other all cotton with handstitched fabric and seams. Essentially, you are getting two jackets in one, as they are reversible. We love the vivid gemlike colors. Each jacket has its own color scheme. Whether it’s made of rich sapphires, stunning rubies, vibrant amethysts, brilliant turquoise, or dramatic emeralds, we find each one-of a-kind jacket striking. This soft luxurious feeling jacket has an easy fit and looks fabulous on all body types. With Mieko no scrap goes unused. Her fabric scraps become scarves, jewelry, and accessories.


Mieko’s jackets are extremely easy to wear and have excellent versatility. For a casual luncheon with friends, you could wear the cotton side showing. Add a pair of Elliot Lauren pants, a Crea Tee, and a Phyllis Clark necklace. For an evening at the theater, reveal the silk side. Pair with Marc Cain slim pants, Luisa Cerano long silk tank and add an Anne-Marie Chagnon long necklace. Any way you wear it, you will look stunning.

To keep this precious luxury item looking its best, Dry Cleaning is recommended.

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