What is Modal?

What is Modal? - Mary Walter

    Amazing, that’s what it is! This lightweight fabric is made from the cellulose of birch, oak, or beechwood trees that are sustainably harvested.  This super soft fabric is lightweight, breathable, and resists pilling. It’s also biodegradable. 

    You’ll notice that some of our scarves are a combination of silk and modal. The blend is beautiful. As silk is one of the strongest of the natural fibers it retains its shape and drapes well. Silk keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so it’s an ideal fiber. This blend gives you the best properties of both fabrics.


    Suzi Roher uses this fiber combination to create her fabulous scarf collection. Light as air, they float on your body draping beautifully. They are truly wearable works of art. The silk modal blend creates a perfect canvas that allows for gorgeous color explosions. This is a scarf with presence. Many of our ladies collect them and buy several to add to their collection every season. There is no compromising when it comes to quality, you can’t put a price on it. Suzi scarves are made with a denser finer weave. These scarves can be handwashed in cold water with Euclan.  


    Also, our Isabelle Gougenheim scarves are a good example of this mix of fibers. Her original art is striking, leaving the viewer in awe. These super soft scarves are extremely lightweight with a nice soft drape. They are smaller than the Suzi but still give pizzazz to every outfit. Also, the weave is a little lighter than the Suzi. We recommend Dry Cleaning to keep them looking their best.


    For a fun more whimsical scarf at a moderate price point, we suggest the Eesme scarf. We love the patterns, rich colors, and designs. This is a smaller scarf than the Suzi or the Isabelle. Lots of our ladies love to buy a few for themselves and as gifts for their friends. This scarf is made of 100% Modal. It will need to be Dry Cleaned.


    We all store our scarves differently. Here at Mary Walter we found it interesting how different we are in this regard. Mary stores her folded scarves in a hanging shoe caddy. For Erin, she loves to hang her scarves on hooks in her closet. Cameron folds his scarves neatly and stores them in a fabric box along with a dryer sheet to keep them smelling their best. Susan always airs her scarves out overnight after wearing them and then folds them in the morning. She stores them on a closet shelf. One thing we do have in common is that we all use Euclan to wash our washable scarves.


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